Wednesday, July 29, 2015

oh so much catching up to do!!!

around here we are diaper and crib free!!!
it's been a busy summer ;)
crawford took a couple of weeks to get potty training down.
and about four weeks in, we were almost accident free too.
we have made two road trips- 
the first one was only about 10 days in, 
no accidents!
and the second one was just a couple of weeks ago, 
no accidents!
it was glorious!!!
and now that we are good and into this whole diaper-free deal, 
i am finding myself feeling giddy when 
in the middle of an outing, i realize that i am diaper bag free, too!
now *that* is a relief!
yay, crawford!!!

...and then it was as if he suddenly knew he had "parts!!!"
fortunately the novelty has worn off and he's hands-free more often than not.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

happy birthday, crawford! 

technically, i am 2 days ahead of myself.
but if i am motivated to document, then document i do!

today we lucked out with a slight overcast
& milder summer day for a birthday party! 
partly cloudy and low-mid 80's...
i will take that over the forecast that was looming
throughout the week. thunderstorms. no thank you!

crawford was SO excited to have his party. 
knowing how much work it takes to put a party
together and into action, his appreciation
was that much sweeter.
he just loved knowing that the party
was for celebrating him.
and i did too.

it was a fun time at the shelby park fountains
school friends & church friends & family friends
all came out and joined in the fun

crawford is a Paw Patrol fan,
so a firetruck theme it was-

sitting down to reflect on the day 
& looking at pictures, i didn't get nearly as many
as i would have liked.
it was so sunny it was hard to even
see what i was taking a picture of!
so, i guess i am just glad i remembered to get *some* pics

 the spread included pizza, "smokies," "hot" {not really, just fire related :)} peppers, 
fire balls {clementines}, flames {cheetos}, matches {white chocolate dipped pretzel rods},
and homemade cupcakes with Dalmatian spots!

 junior firefighter emma

auntie skye made sponge bombs

 brooks and crawford, the best of friends!

curt and fireman roy 

max and crawford, the best buds 

 giles running in the fountains!

pilar and dominic, chillin....

 the rileys
kelly, kolton, brooks & brett

 adrienne, baby breckham & asheley


 school friends

 evan & graham

 avery & crawford

 crawford LOVES paw patrol!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

a little first day of school recap is in order!

unbelievably we have a 2 year old and a 7 year old.
boys? how did this happen? 
well. it has. so now we must deal. but it is heartbreaking
how short the time these babies are on loan to us as 
mommies and daddies.

i love these ages.
crawford is TOUGH stuff.
giles is coming into his own.
with crawford, we are smarter. we are enjoying the chaos.
it is easy because he is so darn cute.
giles was equally as cute, but we wore iron fists with him.
it really wasn't terribly necessary we have discovered.
we are still quite firm,
but we laugh a little more.
we know it goes by in a flash.
we tell ourselves all of the time that crawford is "rurnt"
which if you are not from alabama, you may not be able to pronounce.
he's a bit coddled. a mama's boy. spoiled, if you will.
but HaPpY!
which is contagious. i love that about him.

giles has had the most awesome start to his school year.
he got in the car the other day and said that he knows he belongs where he is.
i mean- thank you GOD. give a mama a gift, why don't you?
i might have gotten teary. 
he is such a goooood boy.
he is super smart. i am glad he is in a place that can nurture him. 
he is a spirited boy. and i know it will serve him well.
his teacher and he have a good bond and she gets him.
and he really likes her. he told his mimi ann the other day that she is serious!!! 
i actually think she is just quite wise!

in true back-to-school fashion, we attended some meet & greets for the boys.

giles went first. mikey had to work so it was just me and the boys.
there is a direct correlation between that fact and how many pictures i took.
i got one with his teacher, mrs henry.
you will see why i got no more. in the background you will see
that crawford had discovered mrs henry's manipulatives....................

***sorry, iphone pic... i thought it was normally better quality???***

so the meet & greet was on monday. we took school supplies
and visited each of the rooms in his hall. every day he will have
recess and p.e. he loooooooooooooves p.e.! it is amazing what happens
when you have a real p.e. coach. his first introduction to p.e. was not 
a great one. the coach was no example of physical fitness & wasn't even
particularly nice. and he got to start each day going to see this unpleasant person.
so, there was much excitement when he met his new p.e. coaches. 
but, that is jumping ahead. every day he has a 'special' and those are
art, music and spanish, i believe.
he likes them all! 
and all three of the rooms are right by their classrooms, which is great. 
so, meet & greet was exciting, but we were still just a little dazed.
it was a brand-new-to-us school, after all!

i have a bit of a celebratory personality, you might say.
so, for sure, back to school is worth celebrating!!!
so, on tuesday we had a big day as a family just hanging out having fun...

the whole family went on a hike and had a funtastic time!

and then we made dinner. giles picked a cheese plate for his dinner.
that is actual an appetizer at the famous Rendezvous restaurant in memphis.
but, we made it dinner. and it was good.

 and then we finished with milkshakes.
giles picks good! 

 then we gave him a "schultute"
it is a german back to school tradition.
i am not even sure where i found it, but we did it last year
and it for sure is a fun tradition.
this year there was candy, a couple of tshirts, a ruler, & a small lego set in the loot.

and then there is the after...

and this mama needed one last special time before 
her baby started first grade.
so, i took him to one of his favorite places to eat... Surin.
we shared sushi, soup and chicken teriyaki...
so yummy! they have happy hour specials, so i treated my baby to happy hour for dinner :)
again... iphone. you are disappointing me with picture quality lately...
{i really don't have blue hair. gray? maybe. blue? no.}

 the following thursday was the first day of school. 

here we go! first grade it is!
 those slats in the siding make it easy to see the difference in height.
last year when we took his august kindergarten picture, 
he was a good 3 inches shorter.

 standing outside of his new elementary school
Tuscaloosa Magnet Elementary!

 this is one special lady! mrs kay harris. a dear friend to me.
and right there if giles ever needs her- she works in the middle school office!
she made walking into that big school, in a sea of people, brighter.
she was right there to greet us and give us big hugs!!!
what a blessing she was to us both!

 he looks so small to me here... 
little fella in a big school.
be still my heart.

fortunately mike was able to be home with crawford and i got to take giles.
we walked in and were directed to the gym.
it was a little intimidating, so i hung around.
 waiting on his teacher!

 just taking it all in...

 this may be the face of a maxed out picture subject...

so happy to see mrs henry come along! 

 first project/assignment was to use
play-doh to make something that represents them

 giles' class!

 he was being totally silly at this point,...
but look! my baby has a locker! ;)))

i would definitely say, giles feels welcomed. amen.

and then, sweet little tater...
or hornet. it really does depend on the moment :)

 this is crawford with mrs laura.
she is wonderful. isn't she adorable. she is just as nice.

and he's off! having so much fun!!!

and since it has been a few days since the first day of school... 
we have had some other fun notable moments!

on the second day of school, giles ran into ella on the way in.
she is his friend from his class at university place that also came to magnet.

and crawford had his first dental check up with dr wes!
dr wes sees both the boys. he has a daughter that was in giles' class at kiddie kollege.
and now crawford and his youngest, william, are in class together.
he is a fantastic dentist and giles loves going!
i was super nervous about crawford 
because he can be hot or cold with the unfamiliar.
he did great!!! not a shy moment or tear. praise!!!

he loved that suction thingy! so funny.

and we have gotten back some of giles' work.
this came home the first day.

well... that will have to do for a catch up. i am pooped.
so thankful for the teachers that giles and crawford have this year.
so very thankful.
the end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

i really should blog about giles' birthday before this...
but.. this just happened today and requires no thought to post.
in fact, it might even inspire me to actually blog about g's birthday.

but, this. THIS is crawford.
this is crawford burnett in his element. 
he loves to play and he is quite good at entertaining himself.
he will disappear into his room and i can hear him playing
for long stretches of time, especially considering he's only 2!

today he was have a ball playing in his room with his 2 grocery carts.
i might have known that he was climbing in and out of one of them.
it is a little bit bigger, it has a wide base, it's plastic.
is it safe? probably not.
but, it makes him happy. terrible, i know.

anyway. this afternoon while i was making dinner, 
he had gone back down the hall to his room.
and as any mom knows, a kitchen during dinner prep, 
WITHOUT CHILDREN is quite a nice place.
so. i left him to playing.

then i heard his sweet little voice that i cherish saying,
"i get out! i get out!"
which translated really means, "by golly, i am ready to get out of this place!!!" 
and usually that refers to his crib after waking up.
and i knew he was not in his crib.
so i go quick-like to discover this.

to which my initial reaction was,
in a very firm and serious tone, to call giles. 
and instruct him to not make a big deal of it, 
but go get my phone NOW. :)
it was all both of us could do not to laugh.
and crawford knew it.
and when he saw my camera/phone, 
he said, "CHEESE!" 

so, he had stuffed himself... and my that i mean i have no ever-loving idea
he got his body into that tiny little seat of the melissa & doug grocery cart,
but, he did. 
and then i got worried... what if i can't get him out???
but, we did.


Monday, June 23, 2014

crawford turns 2!!!

crawford turned 2!
so i decided it might be fun to document.
and dust off the ol' bloggie.
i am exhausted, 
so i wonder how bad this will really be???

my babies are growing like little weeds.
giles is going to be 7 next month. 
crawford is 2!
i don't really have a baby anymore...
except for the fact that
crawford is still in diapers, still takes a paci and still takes a bottle.
and i am oh so fine with all of that. 
i know shortly i will be ready to move on,
but for now, one thing at a time.
2nd birthday? check.
everything else? check back later. :)

the little stinker is the most perfect for us child.
like me, he delights in making people laugh.
and he's tender. and silly. he loves to dance.
he tries to sing. he says 'thank ooo' and 
he strikes a mean 'hi-ya!' when he's 'practicing his karate.'
he's a big fan of his daddy. BIG. FAN. 
he tries to make the sign of the cross when we say our blessing.
and when we are praying in the car or listening to VBS cds- 
he shouts a fine 'may-men!!!'
he has eye lashes for days. and he likes to cuddle with me.
he squeals when we play the baby einstein number nursery dvd 
and says something about the caterpillar worm thingy that 
we have yet to decipher.
he loves his mimi and the fact that he can eat 
like a junk-food junkie at her house.
he is so sweet to his poppy when he visits at the nursing home,
or when poppy comes for special visits.
{like last night at crawford's party, he was unwrapping his presents
and turning to poppy and saying "hee-ya" as he handed him 
wrapping paper from his presents}

he loves to chat on the phone with mimi janie and didi when we are driving in the car.
crawford is a bit of a dare-devil in some ways.
he does things giles didn't do... not sure why this surprises us?
last night at his party he was walking around the house
with a spray bottle of cleaner squirting it- and sometimes 
getting his targets! we got that away from him {it was non-toxic, natural
cleaner, but still....} then he found the hardwood floor cleaner... 
somewhat like someone else i know {a-hem... i have no idea who?!??!}l
he doesn't much like to be told 'no'--- so when I he hears no,
he sometimes doesn't like it much and pitches a fit, 
or finds something else equally troublesome to do... 
so he's funny & sweet...but you need to stay on your toes... for. sure.

we celebrate birthdays kinda a lot around here... 
usually one party just isn't enough. we must have two.
so, we did.

last sunday was father's day AND crawford's birthday.
since we knew most people would be busy with their families, 
we decided to have our celebrations a week later.

so following receiving this invite...
we had a party!

saturday we lucked out on a beautiful, warm, summer day
and partied at annette shelby park's splash pad fountain.
we had lots of fun friends to join us from
preschool and church and points all in-between.
crawford was a tad shy and took awhile to warm up to the idea 
of enjoying the fountains and all of the friends but he got the hang of it.

here's a picture re-cap of saturday festivities

 a moment of sweetness between my most favorites...

in the moments prior to kick off!

 mikey heading in to make sure everyone had toys!

 crawford seeing one of his sweet classmates
and being so unsure of why she was there!

giles and his first & oldest friend, graham

 the walkers! pilar and 'the godfathah' doug

 the mcnamara's!

 if there is any one thing that will forever
remind us of crawford's second birthday party, 
i will have to go with his introduction to little hugs juice drinks.
his first. and his last.
his obsession was a bit unsettling.
it was somewhat like a crack addict i would think.
this picture shows what he would do when he wasn't 
actually drinking one. he was PRETENDING to drink one.
or begging to drink one. or trying his hardest to break the seal so he COULD drink one.
in. sane.

 sweet valori with her clemens boys!

giles with brother buddies: graham & evan and nigel & jonas

 look at that angel
sorry for the blur...
he was just so unsure what to think of all the singing to him!!!

 more sweet siblings... mary grace & emma...
making sure crawford got his cupcake fill!

 and boy, did he!

and following right up with a family gathering, 
we partied more on sunday!

i know one thing is for sure.
if you are going to make two batches of cupcakes, 
you really need a stand mixer. 
my poor little mixer was about to give out.
as was my hand.
stand mixer, one day i will have you. and i. can't. wait...
so on to our second party and second batch of cupcakes!

 oh! the anticipation!

 excited! i think he thought he could have them ALL!!!

 not quite sure about all this singing...

 but QUITE sure about all these cupcakes!

and presents, too! 
he got the most fun and thoughtful gifts from all of
his friends and family. we are having fun playing with books,
cars and trucks and helicopters and trains and bubbles
and play sets and balls and on and on...
we are going to be passing on some our favorites that
crawford has outgrown and can't wait to find just the right
friends who can enjoy them like we have!

i am so grateful. grateful for my boys.
grateful for our family. grateful for our friends.
grateful for the beautiful weather we had to celebrate 
this super special little boy. grateful that we have had the most
entertaining and fun two years with him. and grateful for all 
of the good times to come!