Tuesday, July 22, 2014

i really should blog about giles' birthday before this...
but.. this just happened today and requires no thought to post.
in fact, it might even inspire me to actually blog about g's birthday.

but, this. THIS is crawford.
this is crawford burnett in his element. 
he loves to play and he is quite good at entertaining himself.
he will disappear into his room and i can hear him playing
for long stretches of time, especially considering he's only 2!

today he was have a ball playing in his room with his 2 grocery carts.
i might have known that he was climbing in and out of one of them.
it is a little bit bigger, it has a wide base, it's plastic.
is it safe? probably not.
but, it makes him happy. terrible, i know.

anyway. this afternoon while i was making dinner, 
he had gone back down the hall to his room.
and as any mom knows, a kitchen during dinner prep, 
WITHOUT CHILDREN is quite a nice place.
so. i left him to playing.

then i heard his sweet little voice that i cherish saying,
"i get out! i get out!"
which translated really means, "by golly, i am ready to get out of this place!!!" 
and usually that refers to his crib after waking up.
and i knew he was not in his crib.
so i go quick-like to discover this.

to which my initial reaction was,
in a very firm and serious tone, to call giles. 
and instruct him to not make a big deal of it, 
but go get my phone NOW. :)
it was all both of us could do not to laugh.
and crawford knew it.
and when he saw my camera/phone, 
he said, "CHEESE!" 

so, he had stuffed himself... and my that i mean i have no ever-loving idea
he got his body into that tiny little seat of the melissa & doug grocery cart,
but, he did. 
and then i got worried... what if i can't get him out???
but, we did.


Monday, June 23, 2014

crawford turns 2!!!

crawford turned 2!
so i decided it might be fun to document.
and dust off the ol' bloggie.
i am exhausted, 
so i wonder how bad this will really be???

my babies are growing like little weeds.
giles is going to be 7 next month. 
crawford is 2!
i don't really have a baby anymore...
except for the fact that
crawford is still in diapers, still takes a paci and still takes a bottle.
and i am oh so fine with all of that. 
i know shortly i will be ready to move on,
but for now, one thing at a time.
2nd birthday? check.
everything else? check back later. :)

the little stinker is the most perfect for us child.
like me, he delights in making people laugh.
and he's tender. and silly. he loves to dance.
he tries to sing. he says 'thank ooo' and 
he strikes a mean 'hi-ya!' when he's 'practicing his karate.'
he's a big fan of his daddy. BIG. FAN. 
he tries to make the sign of the cross when we say our blessing.
and when we are praying in the car or listening to VBS cds- 
he shouts a fine 'may-men!!!'
he has eye lashes for days. and he likes to cuddle with me.
he squeals when we play the baby einstein number nursery dvd 
and says something about the caterpillar worm thingy that 
we have yet to decipher.
he loves his mimi and the fact that he can eat 
like a junk-food junkie at her house.
he is so sweet to his poppy when he visits at the nursing home,
or when poppy comes for special visits.
{like last night at crawford's party, he was unwrapping his presents
and turning to poppy and saying "hee-ya" as he handed him 
wrapping paper from his presents}

he loves to chat on the phone with mimi janie and didi when we are driving in the car.
crawford is a bit of a dare-devil in some ways.
he does things giles didn't do... not sure why this surprises us?
last night at his party he was walking around the house
with a spray bottle of cleaner squirting it- and sometimes 
getting his targets! we got that away from him {it was non-toxic, natural
cleaner, but still....} then he found the hardwood floor cleaner... 
somewhat like someone else i know {a-hem... i have no idea who?!??!}l
he doesn't much like to be told 'no'--- so when I he hears no,
he sometimes doesn't like it much and pitches a fit, 
or finds something else equally troublesome to do... 
so he's funny & sweet...but you need to stay on your toes... for. sure.

we celebrate birthdays kinda a lot around here... 
usually one party just isn't enough. we must have two.
so, we did.

last sunday was father's day AND crawford's birthday.
since we knew most people would be busy with their families, 
we decided to have our celebrations a week later.

so following receiving this invite...
we had a party!

saturday we lucked out on a beautiful, warm, summer day
and partied at annette shelby park's splash pad fountain.
we had lots of fun friends to join us from
preschool and church and points all in-between.
crawford was a tad shy and took awhile to warm up to the idea 
of enjoying the fountains and all of the friends but he got the hang of it.

here's a picture re-cap of saturday festivities

 a moment of sweetness between my most favorites...

in the moments prior to kick off!

 mikey heading in to make sure everyone had toys!

 crawford seeing one of his sweet classmates
and being so unsure of why she was there!

giles and his first & oldest friend, graham

 the walkers! pilar and 'the godfathah' doug

 the mcnamara's!

 if there is any one thing that will forever
remind us of crawford's second birthday party, 
i will have to go with his introduction to little hugs juice drinks.
his first. and his last.
his obsession was a bit unsettling.
it was somewhat like a crack addict i would think.
this picture shows what he would do when he wasn't 
actually drinking one. he was PRETENDING to drink one.
or begging to drink one. or trying his hardest to break the seal so he COULD drink one.
in. sane.

 sweet valori with her clemens boys!

giles with brother buddies: graham & evan and nigel & jonas

 look at that angel
sorry for the blur...
he was just so unsure what to think of all the singing to him!!!

 more sweet siblings... mary grace & emma...
making sure crawford got his cupcake fill!

 and boy, did he!

and following right up with a family gathering, 
we partied more on sunday!

i know one thing is for sure.
if you are going to make two batches of cupcakes, 
you really need a stand mixer. 
my poor little mixer was about to give out.
as was my hand.
stand mixer, one day i will have you. and i. can't. wait...
so on to our second party and second batch of cupcakes!

 oh! the anticipation!

 excited! i think he thought he could have them ALL!!!

 not quite sure about all this singing...

 but QUITE sure about all these cupcakes!

and presents, too! 
he got the most fun and thoughtful gifts from all of
his friends and family. we are having fun playing with books,
cars and trucks and helicopters and trains and bubbles
and play sets and balls and on and on...
we are going to be passing on some our favorites that
crawford has outgrown and can't wait to find just the right
friends who can enjoy them like we have!

i am so grateful. grateful for my boys.
grateful for our family. grateful for our friends.
grateful for the beautiful weather we had to celebrate 
this super special little boy. grateful that we have had the most
entertaining and fun two years with him. and grateful for all 
of the good times to come! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

summer rocked. 
we took to summer swimmingly.
sleeping in, lazy days, late nights.
fun with friends.
mindless & countless hours
in front of
{yep, i'm owning it...}
with all the brainless activity, there was also
bike riding
chasing brother
running from brother
overnights with mimi and uncle chris & skye
birthday parties
playdough on the patio
and lots i am sure i am forgetting...

but, today was 
back to school!!!

and boy was he cute!
he was sporting a trimmed up 'do
a new belt
his new monogrammed backpack
and a big smile

he is excited about school and his new teacher, mrs flowers

they had fun meeting each other.
giles got more fond of the new environment
when he started helping himself to all of her fun props!
she was very kind to allow him to 
snoop all over her room!

she took a cute picture of him this morning on his first day
which i love!

we're so glad this day was a success!
it is such a relief to have that 'first' time behind us.

university place elementary is such a neat school.
it feels really great to be a part of such a unique community.

backing up a little, 
so to help giles get ready for his big day
i enlisted the assistance of german tradition.
giles got a schultuete 

i had so much fun getting little things to put in it...
he got a little carton of goldfish, mini m&ms & some fudge striped cookies,
an insulated super hero tumbler with a straw- he's been wanting one!,
some fun little school supplies for home
& a little pencil case with his beloved teenage mutant ninja turtles.
we gave it to him on sunday
-which was suggested in one of the places i was reading about these, 
to ease the excitement that comes with such a surprise!-

it was sort of a fun project for me,
hence, the size :)

and not only has this boy been wracking up the back to school gifts,
he's been keeping the tooth fairy busy, too!

he's down two baby teeth. 
the first one went out in a blaze of glory-
he swallowed it.
he had had a particularly busy few days
so he was going to lay down for a rest one afternoon.
normally when he calls to me after i have tucked him in,
i might not go in with the most loving attitude to see what NOW? :)
but, for some reason, this day, i did.
he said, 'mama, i don't feel my tooth wiggling in my mouth anymore...'
well, son. that is because, ... it isn't. it's gone.
for me, the low drama of how to actually extract the darn thing was avoided.
and i got away with not having to touch the next one either.
we held on to that one...
the tooth fairy pays a buck around here--- and leaves the tooth!

i think that is all the excitement i can recap at one time...
crawford will have his first day of school officially tomorrow.
we have karate and a 6th birthday and a 1st birthday
that i think i might have not gotten around to yet.
what did i *do* all summer???

oh! and i guess it was just so darn chaotic this morning at drop off,
i didn't even cry.
somehow i feel like it is lurking though.
like, maybe it is a few days out, but still hiding in there???
i guess time will tell.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

happy 1st birthday crawford!

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday, dear crawford, 
happy birthday to you!
cha cha cha

what a weekend it has been!
sweet baby boy is now a year and a few hours old.
the year FLEW by.
i mean, flew.
cannot believe it. can truly hardly take it in!

things are so different for sweet crawford.
picture this as i share with you...
giles' first birthday morning... and crawford's first birthday morning...

this is giles first thing on his bday morning.
picture, hat, singing, mom & dad.


is crawford on his bday morning.
no hat, no singing, dad at work.
{i hope you also realized, no picture, hahaha!}

for crawford, his first birthday morning went more like this...
sleeping in until 10:30am
but then being abruptly plucked from the crib,
sunshine violently erupting in his room from curtains being torn open,
lightening fast diaper change with diaper left still on changing table,
outfit not even snapped,
carried quickly & swiftly adjusted into car seat,
riding with mom,
 LASER BEAM FOCUSED down McFarland Blvd
to arrive at the karate studio
not one minute past the first 10 minutes of class
so big brother could have his lesson today...
{for if you are 11 minutes late, no karate for you!}
all because mom was foggy this morning
and didn't realize class STARTED at 10:45am,
she might have been thinking we needed to LEAVE at 10:45am.
happy birthday, little c.

nothing about life has been slow this year.
each month, week, day & hour
hover between being the longest ever,
to gone in a flash!
i love having the opportunity to experience
'the second time around.'
knowing that it could be our last makes us enjoy it all even more.
the first smile, the first teeth, the first word,
the first time to mobilize & go on his own.
they have all captivated us.
crawford, you are happy.
you do not like to be alone.
you love to mimic. 
the way you converse with us most of the time
at this time in your life is by repeating a little grunt sound.
it is very fun & we just know you have a lot to say!
right now we hear your version of mama...
and recently when you were in memphis, 
your cousin anna jane said you dropped your 
toy duck out of the tub and gave a her a clear 'uh-oh'
i can't wait to hear that!
your hair is growing... the front is a little long
but we're not cutting it yet. i really long to put a little bow in,
but i hold back :)
you are just now starting to crawl on your knees,
mostly you like to army crawl.
your outfits are well-loved by the end of the day!
just yesterday you pulled up to the coffee table
and took a step to reach something!
you'll be cruising in no time...
anything you can actually chew, you are up for trying.
we give you bites of whatever we're eating
if you can chew it. you love bread. you love baby food.
you love bananas. you looooove your bottle.
we're in the process of switching you from formula
to whole milk... so right now it's about half & half.
speaking of eating...
last night, at your birthday party, you were ALL about
the smash cake.
i mean ALL.

you really enjoyed yourself!
your party was so fun :)
you loved your presents & 
you loved everyone being here.
we missed those that couldn't join us,
but it was non-stop fun for you!

 here you are playing with your friend & neighbor penelope
wearing the bib given to you by your friend james
{his mommy made it & also the happy birthday banner!}

 to go with our circus 'theme'
you gave animal crackers for party favors...
although i am not sure we actually 
gave them to anyone...
that is my party weakness--- every year.
i have had to deliver party favors to friends before,
i just get busy and forget!!!
new system, next party :)
here are a few of your presents from mommy, daddy & brother
and the precious happy birthday banner from our friend kelly :)

so you are napping on this lazy saturday afternoon
{i even made big brother take one, too... yesterday was a long day!}
mama & daddy are moving slow
but we are overjoyed to have a 
precious little lump like you to celebrate!

we love you crawford!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

it's june.
that is my life.
big rearrangements on priorities.
blog- low. 
kids survival- high.
there you have it.

giles has finished preschool at kiddie kollege.
loved every minute.
mrs williams was one of two wonderful teachers he had this year.
she's an angel. really. her dedication is evident. she is now teaching
the kids of kids she taught 30 years ago!
i couldn't pin her down to promising she would still be there
when crawford gets to that age :((( but i tried!

crawford turns 1 year in less than a week!
i really don't know how time passes as quickly as it does. 
it is also brutal to realize.
he's been good to his mommy though.
he's totally taken his time with most milestones.
and i am actually grateful :)
he's just this week started using knees to crawl, sometimes.
he still really isn't saying too much.
however he communicates, a lot!
and he says mama. not dada. mama. lol...
and he sure will let you know if he is the least bit unhappy.
but he's not rushing the talking, walking stuff....
he's very adaptable... go with the flow.
which i guess is almost a requirement of second+ kids.
he takes 2 naps some days, 1 on others.
some days it's 4 bottles, others 3...
he has a bit of separation anxiety when i am around
& someone wants to hold him,
but he's all over a daytrip with my bestie whom he hasn't seen
in about 7 months... i mean seamless transition.
so, i am the problem. hahaha!
here is crawford w louise, my besties daughter... 
he looks quite content doesn't he???
i am going to try to get back in the blog saddle.
one thing is that i take hundreds of photos on my iphone now.
a post without pictures is not so much fun.
i just need to learn how to download and access
my phone pictures in a more timely way...
which, believe it or not, has been slowed down
by my insanely messy desk!
how is that for excuses, excuses?!??!
but there is slow progress in that department,
so hopefully it will all come together nicely over the summer.
organization and consistency...
the two things i am always working hard for
and often feeling like a hamster in the wheel...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 days...

celebrating "100 days" is new to me.
it came about after my time in elementary school.
i think i recall vaguely it being a part of my heard girls school
but it's fuzzy...
there will be a school party!
and a project!
so today we tackled the project.
and it was really, really fun.
i saw some perseverance where before there would have been tears
and an abrupt end to any 'fun'
we started with a little sorting.
thank goodness for cheerios!
i thought i happened to have 2 bags 
of pompoms, 50 in each bag.
but, for some reason, when i opened one before,
i carefully resealed it. so much so, i fooled myself!
only after i asked giles to count 'to be sure' we had 100, 
did i realize that we did not, in fact, have 100 as i was certain we did!
so we had to add 18 cheerios to the mix :)
 giles had a big time sorting all of the colors
and counting how many of each color there were.
and when there wasn't a full tray,
we did some quick assessing to see just how many there were.
 i know it is simple math, but his little brain was working!
and it was nothing but pure joy to watch.
 i did some sneaky question asking too...
and he was quick!
made me so proud...
 i had him use tweezers to pick up the cheerios & dip in glue.
he did a good job with that, which was tricky & again, i was proud :)
{oh, and please pardon the attire. it was super bowl, so of course we had 
to wear the football helmet. and then alllllll of his & crawford's clean 
laundry was in the nursery where crawford was sleeping!
so it was pj top & an apron until we found a random pair of pj pants a little later}
 he placed them all by himself!
and he also painted in the red by himself. 
i drew it and painted the top & outlined in red where he needed to paint.
but he did a good job not getting it all over the place!
i made the little place where a gumball would roll out
& i put the .25 on there.
giles noticed that i forgot to put a slot for the money!
i thought that was pretty good :)
and while it is hard to see,
i let HIM draw in the money slot.
OF COURSE i drew it on a scrap piece of paper first...
 in hopes he wouldn't "mess up" the gumball machine.
isn't that SAD???
but, proud of myself here, i let him do it
and even though it is more square 
and going in completely the opposite direction of how i drew my 'sample'
i got over it :)
and was so proud of him for wanting to do it
and trying hard to make it look nice. and it does :)
so there is the finished product.
we had a big time with this.
and even though i wasn't as patient as i should have been 
at times, especially when he got silly with the sorting...
in the end, he was PLEASED and he said he had so much FUN!!!
 i couldn't ask for it to have turned out any better than that.

thanks for letting me brag on my little fella.
he makes me so happy :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

so much, so fast...

 happy 7 months my sweet baby boy!!!

daddy was kind enough to step in & photo this month...
i think the late hour of the day
and the 'help' of his pre-schooler sidekick
left a little to be desired in the photography department...
but he normally knows his way around a camera pretty well! ;)
{thanks mikey...}

giles is working on getting used to being in a one-cat house...
tucker {in head lock, above...} says it is going to take him... a little longer.
we were so sad to lose our sweet iris earlier this month...
we live on a street that sees enough traffic that in some ways
we felt pretty fortunate that she never had any issues before now.
she somehow got in the street & sadly didn't make it across.
it was strange in that we were all around the front of the house
because mikey and giles were heading out with the dogs
to the park to exercise with the dogs.
no car ever attracted our attention, or stopped,
and we had just interacted with iris very shortly before.
sadly, giles was right in the midst of it all 
but he handled it so well. he helped mikey have a little memorial
& short little prayer service in a special little place at the park. 
 she was the sister in the 
roger & iris duo... 
she was 14 years old... loved to find a comfy spot in the nursery
and have herself a little nap...
in looking for this picture, i came across one of roger...
he was so cute! i had forgotten just how sweet he was...
he was a little more snuggly than iris...
and definitely more curious... and you know what they say about curiosity...
  roger learned that the hard way :(((
this was sweet roger back in april 2007... 
so now we are a one cat, two dog family...
all rescues. all nuts in one way or another. all perfect for our little family :)

 crawford has enjoyed starting to go for walks
sitting facing forward in the BOB... he gets all cozy in his fleecy suit
and he is ready to roll!
he doesn't even nap!
giles used to conk out... they are a little different in their sleep habits.
both are awesome sleepers, but giles really loved to sneak in a nap.
crawford will take one, but he has to be 'prepped' a little more :)
i can't wait to see all the differences and similarities come to light...
but just not too soon... time passes way too quickly as it is!
we did actually get to enjoy some snow already in 2013!
it was beautiful.
it came down in big snowflakes, it started sticking, everything was covered in white
for about 4 hours...
then it was gone! 
the sun came out and the snow melted right up!
 i have NO IDEA what makes schools close in this town, but it ain't much! ;)
we got a snow day out of it! lol...
i loved it because i love having my boys home with me,
but it was hilarious to me that our school was out.
giles was excited about the snow, but he got over that pretty fast.
it was wet, cold & there wasn't enough snow to do anything.
so here was our only real snowbird that day :)

so far january has brought lots of new & changes...
and crawford fits right in there...
this month he has changed the most noticeably to me.
he holds his bottle like it's no big deal.
he feeds himself puffs and graduated to cheerios.
he holds on to his paci and self-inserts as needed.
he intentionally rolls over during a diaper change
and it similar to taming a tiger during that process.
he talks. A LOT.
it's mumbo-jumbo to us,... but he knows exactly what he means!
he jumps forwards and backwards in his johnny jump up! 
straight up and down got boring so he started bouncing
forward and then backward and it is hilarious!
and on jan 15th, his 7 month birthday, 
he cut a tooth during the day.
 see that cute little tooth on the bottom?
isn't it adorable?!??!